February 17, 2015

Leader in Volunteer Engagement

Welcome to the ‘Leader in Volunteer Engagement’ application page! This is where you tell us how you engage volunteers at your organisation.

This category is open to Organisations (any registered entity) with a clearly defined social purpose in using volunteers in an exemplary manner that have engaged with a number of volunteers on specific projects from January – December 2016.

The applicants will be assessed on the basis of:

  • Their volunteering policy, volunteer engagement and training processes
  • The efficacy and success of their volunteer management practices
  • The initiatives that ensure positive volunteer experiences
  • The impact of volunteer work on the Organisation’s mission.

Selection Process:

All applications received will first be reviewed by the awards team.
If your entry is selected, then your volunteering experience will be updated on our online voting portal. This snapshot of your work will then serve as your public profile that people will use as a reference to learn about you and to vote for you.

Names of the finalists will be announced on Facebook.

Leader in Volunteer Engagment

To Apply for the Leader in Volunteer Engagement:

  1. Click on the ‘Download Form’ button as given below. A word document will start downloading. Please read all the instructions carefully, then type in your responses in the editable word document. Do note that copy pasting response may result in technical problems while submitting the form.
  2. The completed forms along with supporting documents to be emailed to us at awards@iVolunteer.in.




Please Note the last date to email us your application (forms and submission) is Thursday, August 31, 2017.

Only completed applications will be eligible and applications once submitted cannot be edited. n case you have any difficulties in downloading or completing the form, write to us at awards@iVolunteer.in

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