Namrata Tanna

Founder, Cooked by Moms | Co-Founder, Creatives Against Poverty

A former television journalist, Namrata moved to the social sector 10 years ago, to use her journalism skills for good. She has worked with Concern India Foundation and has also co-founded an initiative called Creatives Against Poverty ( She recently launched a social enterprise called Cooked by Moms ( that brings healthy, home-cooked meals, cooked by moms, to businesses and workplaces, thus empowering underprivileged women using their cooking skills. Namrata also plays the role of advisor to several NGOs and companies with regards to their CSR activities as an independent communications & development consultant.

I have always believed that everyone has skills that, when used effectively, can create social change. When we focus our abilities and use them for good, each one of us has the potential to create sustained social development, benefiting both society and ourselves.