Madhukar Kumar

Madhukar is a leadership coach and facilitator. His forte lies in his ability to simplify leadership for organisations and help individuals to become more aware leaders.

He draws from his own journey through a diverse career and progressive self-awareness. He started his professional life in IT. Later, he took a leap of faith and joined social sector to manage a youth leadership programme. Recognizing that he had not explored himself enough, he took a gap year to travel within, in search of spirituality and his purpose. This gave him the clarity he was looking for – that he wanted to help people in achieving their dreams. He co-founded a consulting firm focusing on people side of business and helped forward-looking clients become those organizations that people aspire to be a part of.

He believes in the philosophy of ‘Know Thyself’, better executed via a three-pronged approach of – introspection, meditation, and group-reflection.