Chinu Kwatra

I lead a volunteer initiative called ‘Beach Warriors’, a dedicated team for beach cleanup drives in Mumbai. Within 46 weeks, we have successfully removed 300 tonnes of beach garbage. I also lead the team for project ‘Roti Ghar’ which aims to feed more than 100 underprivileged kids everyday. I volunteer because it is an art of love.


Karthik Pallam

My social projects, ‘Spotfix’ and ‘Potfill’, are aimed towards filling potholes, ensuring road safety and beautification of public places. I played an important role in renovation of an ‘Anganwadi School’ with amenities like water supply, electricity, toilets, gardens, indoor and outdoor games. I volunteer because I want to reduce the number of road accidents and save as many lives as I can.


Kriti Makhija

Volunteering for the past ten years, I dedicate my time to help critically ill underprivileged children get access to treatment for Congenital Hearts Defects. Through my leadership in departments like communications, CSR, fundraising and financial studies at the Genesis Foundation, my volunteer work resulted in 65% growth in the number of supported children as compared to the previous year. I volunteer because it gives me more than I give to it.


Vaishnavi Srinivasan

I volunteer towards providing education and sustainable livelihoods for all. With ‘Ignite At Schools’, I volunteered for children development to improve literacy rates and numeracy skills, impacting around 1500 children acquiring essential livelihood skills. I volunteer to bridge the gap in educating children and impact leaders of tomorrow.


Rugvedi Desai

I began volunteering to write exams for Visually Chanllenges Students (VCS) and moved on to establishing my own initiative called ‘Eyedoll’ with my mother. I recorded audio textbooks for VCS and collaborated with various NGOs to help recruit volunteers. My contributions have helped many students clear their exams and acquire employment. I volunteer because it satisfies me to do something for others without expecting anything in return.


Naveen Prathapaneni

I have volunteered with 22 schools and three NGOs, primarily focusing on education and sustainable agriculture. I was sucessful in providing guidance and support to over 1000 students in pursuing education of their choice. I have also developed ‘MobiCounsel’ mobile application to help teachers quickly access career information as well as a ‘Kiosk based application’ to offer virtual counseling to rural students.


Sudha Varghese

I was shaken by the condition of women in Bihar, so I initiated ‘Nari Gunjan’ in 1987, through which ZI was able to educating over 3000 girls.I also helped launching the first ‘Dalit Women Band’ from the community who were trained to be professional drummers. I volunteer because I want to uplift women and work for the ones who need my service the most.


Maninder Pal Singh

I began volunteering with NSS in my school days. I initiated ‘Deen-Ny-Deedar’ an initiative with the objective to aware, motivate and organise blood donation camps, cleaning services, seminars, tree plantation drives, drug rehabilitation programmes, old age home visits and education to underprivileged children. I volunteer because I want to channelize my energy in a productive way and become a responsible citizen.


Suryakant Bhandepatil

My son was kidnapped in the year 1999. Since then, I have been investigating child kidnapping cases. The tragedy changed something inside me and I started helping families trace back their children. I have investigated more than 100 cases and I volunteer because I don’t want people to suffer as I did.


Afsal Mohammed B

I have been an active volunteer and successfully coordinated various District Level Programs and camps in south India. I joined the ‘United Nations Academic Impact’ focusing on the promotion and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Now I focus on Youth Empowerment and NGO Incubation whereby I have been successful in promoting volunteering. I volunteer to spread smiles.


Ansh Jain

I began volunteering with causes such as sanitation, health and education. Some of the projects I have worked include ‘Sathi’, an initiative to bring awareness about sanitary napkins as well as ‘Factory to Classroom’, an initiative with Jan Seva Sansthan to build toilets in villages. I volunteer because I feel that volunteering makes my happiness index go very high.


Bisathi Bharat

Starting off with humble tasks such as planting, keeping my surroundings litter-free, I eventually moved on to volunteering for several NGOs. I initiated free career guidance and soft skill development classes for upto 2600 youth, helping them build their future better. I volunteer to make people socially and morally strong.


Neha George

I started volunteering by raising funds for malnourished children. I was driven to continue volunteering and hence, I initiated ‘Project Punctured’ whereby we employed women to make furniture by recycling tyres and sold them in order to make them self-sustained. I also started ‘Project Slippers’ through which we recycled tyres and employed cobblers to manufacture slippers and made them available to construction site work at very low rates, thus helping both communities.


 Malhar Kalambe

I volunteer and lead beach cleaning drives in Mumbai. I cleared 300 tonnes of garbage offshore in span of 46 weeks with my initiative ‘Beach Please’. I also volunteer for ‘Murti Daan’, another initiative to restore and reuse the religious idols during Ganesh Chaturthi. I volunteer because happiness cannot result from what we get, but from what we give.


Mayank Giria

I am a photographer and volunteer to share my creative work for the purpose of charity. I volunteer for social initiatives, and with organisations working towards women empowerment, underprivileged children and indian handicrafts. I volunteer because it lets me bring smile on others people’s faces.


Ishan Upadhyay

I study in sixth grade. I began volunteering during my early school days. I was part of initiatives such as Khilta Phool (Jacket distribution drive), Parinda (water pot distribution drive for birds) and I also regularly volunteer in blood donation awareness drives and take old age people on one-day picnics. I volunteer because changing lives for others holds meaning beyond simply looking after oneself.


 Abantika Ghosh

I believe in changing people’s lives. With organizations like URIDU, Vocal ID, TED Translator, Ann Foundation, eVidyaloka, I have volunteered as a translator, voice bank contributor and content developer. As a mentor in eVidyaloka’s ‘National Student Innovation Challenge (Rural-Urban Connect)’, I guided students from rural as well as urban areas to collaborate on a project based on UNICEF’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Partth Thakur

I believe all patients deserve their share of happiness. Realizing the uncertainty of life, I was motivated to initiate ‘The Wishing Factory’ to fulfill the wishes of thalassemia and leukemia patients. So far, we have fulfilled over 340 wishes along with supporting healthcare and education for over 200 patients across India. I volunteer because the smallest action can create a huge difference in the lives of others.


LLF- Learning link foundation

Learning Links Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the aim to foster a bright future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired. LLF has been working since the year 2002 towards better education and girl empowerment. LLF partnered with Atal Tinkering Laboratories, a NITI Aayog initiative and organised programs to encourage creativity and imagination in young minds where the volunteers majorly being students and educators of IT and engineering played the role of student and teacher mentors. Through this learning innovation, 728 students were impacted. To help girl children get empowered and educated, LLF engaged volunteers to teach them about improving their health and hygiene, defending and protecting themselves and providing career guidance. With their efforts, 25 girls received scholarships from government schools. Along with Dell, the foundation organised ‘Daan Utsav’ in order to boost the power of giving back to the society. Volunteers were involved in various activities like the recycling E-waste and teaching the underprivileged kids. Books, stationary and other basic necessities were also donated through this program benefitting 1636 students across the nation. Volunteers are special for LLF as they demonstrate commitment to a cause helping to achieve a solution. They believe in their action through compassion and consider them as priceless resource.


Udayan Care

Udayan Care is a volunteer driven organization that seeks to help out underprivileged children of the society. The organization helps both national and international volunteers to implement work according to their capacity by providing them with proper guidance and training. The dedication of their volunteers has steered a path for various programs such as Mentor Parents in Udayan Ghar, which was a concept designed to encourage men and women to make a lifetime commitment as voluntary mentors to the orphaned children residing around their community. Udayan Shailni Fellowship is another program that provides a senior mentor to impact the lives of girls at both primary and secondary level of academics, and to provide career counseling and personality development for a period of five years. This pyramidal structure of voluntarism impacts each fellow at a personal, academic and professional level, ensuring long term sustainability of the programme whilst creating a band of over 3500 young women positively contributing to society and the economy. Udayan Care is an organization that believes in changing the lives of many around by engaging its volunteers.


V Care Foundation

V Care Foundation is primarily a cancer aid-and assistance organization that is driven by volunteers and aims at providing free help, hope, awareness and education to cancer patients and their families. This is achieved through various outreach programs and services that improve the quality of their lives. Vandana Gupta, the founder, is a cancer survivor and wanted to constitute a body to display her support and engage other survivors do the same. The organization has 144 volunteers in total—as opposed to the 15 staff members on the team—who work for five days a week on various projects. They go through a three-month induction program after a preliminary interview that focuses on theory and practical experience. Thereafter, they are assigned specific initiatives, like fundraising for financial aid to patients, counseling, health and hygiene. Volunteer involvement is magnified through workshops, talks, social media, and word-of-mouth. V Care Foundation believes that the CAN DO attitude of the volunteers is what runs the organization.


Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan works towards various social initiatives like education, health, environment, women and youth empowerment, disability and rehabilitating prisoners. Volunteers are recruited via their website and social gatherings after which they are trained on the job or through specific training for developing course modules, engagement with the working groups, online grooming and receive recognition for well executed work. They engage their volunteers in ‘Manthan – Sampoorn Vikas Kendra’, a unique educational initiative dedicated to the mainstreaming and development of underprivileged children of urban slums and remote backward villages. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan also work towards raising in-kind donations as a part of which online campaigns are launched, designed and executed during ‘Daan Utsav’ wherein corporates, social activists, general public, school and college children participate to generate in-kinds donations.


The Society For Door Step Schools

“If a child cannot go to school, why not bring education to his / her doorstep?” With this hope, Door Step School embarked upon its journey to address illiteracy among the children from marginalised sections of society. DSS provides education and support to the often-forgotten children of pavement and slum dwellers, construction site labourers and many other underprivileged families. For more than 25 years, DSS has reached out to more than 5 Lac children in the age group of 0 to 14 years. With over 100 centres, every year, DSS aims to bridge the divide between underprivileged children and education through various innovative programs. And volunteers play an important role in these programs. The organisation’s volunteering opportunities depend on the needs of children and organisation at any given point. Volunteers involve in activities such as teaching different subjects to children according to their curriculum, conducting Science experiments, various art & craft activities, life skill sessions etc. Volunteers of DSS have truly put its mission into practice and managed to provide many children with the impetus and resources to study and help them make the transition to literacy and thereby, to a better future!


Pushpkiran Union for Real Enlightenment

‘PURE’ largely works with the support of volunteers. Volunteers from MNCs and local communities as well as students come forward to work with them on various projects. They focus on deploying career guidance, mentoring programs in schools, PURE Home centre for strengthening educational foundations for Grade I to VIII students, and, entrepreneurship and employment to youth and women at local levels. PURE aims to reach out to 2000+ schools and help around 500000 students by the year 2020. They also carry out training programs for their volunteers. Not only this, volunteers with the required skillset are employed onto the ‘Student Career Guidance and Mentoring Program.’ Under another program called ‘Woman Entrepreneurship – My village: My Business,’ PURE helps volunteers engage with women from 10-15 villages of Noida district to help them develop the business of their choice in their village and even provide them with 70% initial business set up funds.


 Dishanjali Education and Welfare Society

Dishanjali helps the underprivileged students avail holistic education. They have eight different teaching centres in Bhopal and Indore, benefitting six children successfully every year. They also work towards protecting the environment. They are affiliated with the NAYAV (National Association of Young Active Volunteers), a network of volunteers that help them connect with hardworking and dedicated volunteers. One of their projects named ‘Saksham’ has made a difference in students’ lives by providing them with daily education. The volunteers are usually engineering students, who are extremely dedicated towards this goal. Volunteers are also provided with a fellowship for this initiative. Some of their repetitive programs include cloth donation drive, blood donation camps, ‘Kanya Bhoj’ and summer camps for children. They value their volunteers and consider them as the backbone of Dishanjali Education and Welfare Society.


Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruaat

‘Being Social – Ek Nayi Shuruaat’ aims at helping the under-privileged through mass efforts by volunteers. The organisation is run completely by 2500 volunteers, who join only with the aim to appease their conscience. Being Social’s major initiative was converting government schools into basic-facility modern schools, with proper infrastructure and clean surroundings. The program provided school with goods for about 400 children on Children’s Day. Other initiatives were to provide menstrual education to street-dwelling children to gain primary education—an activity that helped 105 students. The volunteers define the crux of this organisation and hence each volunteer is personally interviewed and encouraged to suggest new social issues for action. Being Social aims at spreading smiles and serving humanity.


Pothole Raja

PotHoleRaja engages citizens in their activities through pothole reporting being sent to them. Their volunteers then get in touch with these socially conscious citizens through their website, facebook and corporate CSR. Necessary tools and materials are provided to volunteers in order to fix potholes and these activities are thoroughly monitored. Personalized thank you notes are sent to volunteers for their well executed work. Under a CSR project with Qwickcilver, they undertook the task to make all roads around their office in Bangalore pothole free. They even organized a potluck and raised funds to fix potholes. Under the 93.5 RedFM pothole challenge, they encouraged and engaged RJs to volunteer to fix the potholes. Their vision is to enable volunteers to take up pothole fixing on their own rather than wait for someone else to do it.


Jai Vakeel Foundation

Jai Vakeel Foundation recognizes the need to accommodate intellectually disabled children into the mainstream education system. The Foundation, since it is technically a school, cannot engage temporary volunteers for all roles. However, as they proudly claim, 33% of their leadership are volunteers too. There are two different kinds of volunteers at Jai Vakeel, those that do it with a stipend and those who do not get any monetary benefits. One of their programs was the initiative to increase learning outcomes and engage students. The volunteers had to prepare beforehand about the best techniques to communicate and teach autistic students. The volunteers had the liberty of method of engagement. Through the initiative ‘Digital Literacy Program’, the volunteers spent time with children diagnosed with autism, helping them develop their vocabulary and math concepts with the help of iPads. The organization believes in the volunteering as they help make a difference in the lives of the children.

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

ABFRL, the fashion and lifestyle segment of the Aditya Birla Group, strongly encourages voluntary employee participation, and also has a policy in place to facilitate this. Their vision is ‘to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities in which they operate. In doing so, build a better, sustainable way of life for the weaker sections of society and raise the country’s human development index’. ABFRL focuses its initiatives towards Girl Child Education, Health & Sanitation and Skill Development. They even have libraries called Namma Library in factory mapped villages to create employee engagement. Additionally, they also run a project titled ‘Greening the lakes of Bangalore’ in which employees are encouraged to plant saplings and are made aware about the importance of protecting the environment. Volunteering is also part of its induction program at ABFRL. They also encourage employees to donate a part of their salary to charity, donate old clothes and teach the underprivileged sections of society. The families of the employees can also participate in volunteering initiatives. At ABFRL, sustainability is fundamental to all its endeavours. It echoes its obligation towards society, environment and every stakeholder in constructing a stable and responsible foundation not only for its enterprise but the nation and the world at large.

Aditya Birla Finance Limited

ABFL is among the leading well-diversified financial services companies in India and is involved in all the voluntary social causes, contributing their valuable time & efforts. 17 volunteering initiatives have been successfully launched within two years of its inception, engaging over 50% of employees. About 1800 man hours have been contributed by the collective efforts of employee volunteers. ABFL volunteered for Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation, which conducts Weekly Rural Camps for medical check-ups and detection / treatment of early stage cancers. This initiative impacted over 2000 beneficiaries. Also, at Helen Keller Institute of Deaf & Deafblin, ABFL helped in creating handmade products for their income generation. ABFL believes in going beyond monetary support and investing greater valuables, such as time and skills for the society.

Barclays Bank PLC

Barclays Bank is a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank offering product services across personal and corporate banking. Barclays focuses on delivering innovative and impactful volunteer experiences for their employees with skill-based opportunities that are focused on employability and livelihood. Hence, Barclays closely aligns with shape of their business footprints. The organization encourages its employees to make a deep impact in the community where they operate. Close to 50% of their employees in India participated in volunteering and fundraising in the year 2017 with over 14000 unique participants. They have worked closely with NGOs such as International Association for Human Values, Nasscomm Foundation and Sambhav Foundation amongst others. Their Digi Dhan Campaign in the year 2016, followed shortly after demonetization to promote cashless economy and improve digital financial awareness, was a proven success.
A fundamental to success of Barclays Citizenship Programme is engaging its maximum employees. They believe Citizenship is the primary driver of employee engagement at any organization and that makes employees proud to work at Barclays Bank PLC.

Brillio Technologies

Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company, works with the theme of “Bringing Smiles” for their global CSR initiative. Fostering career development and STEM skills with underserved people in Costa Rica, India, and the United States, Brillio aims at empowering the under privileged children through STEM education and reaching out to 100,000 children by the year 2020. Their major effort is to bridge the gap between accessibility and quality of education in rural India. ‘Brillians’ , as employee volunteers proudly call themselves , engage in the teaching during work hours and leisure hours, ensuring their bit to volunteering. Around 250 employees have been part of this venture. The beneficiary schools have observed a remarkable improvement in their students’ English speaking skills. Another initiative taken by Brillio is of audiobook recordings, done by employees for visually challenged children. The contributions of Brillio extend beyond their organization by encouraging the families to contribute to their activities through e-teaching and audiobook recording.


Outreach, Cognizant’s employee-led grassroots volunteering program, was launched in November 2007. The program provides an official and integrated platform for Cognizant associates to volunteer for causes dear to them. Cognizant contributes a part of its profit to fund the Outreach Program. The vision of Outreach is to create a tangible difference in the field of education, environment and community welfare through Cognizant employees. Since its inception, 105,000 Outreach volunteers have clocked over 2.4 million hours of volunteering, impacting 450,000 lives across the globe. Cognizant recognizes and rewards outstanding contributions by employees in monthly, quarterly and annual cycles. the organisation has provided a level playing field for disabled members, helped clean lakes, provided education to the underprivileged and also encourage its employees to carry out their own initiatives.


The ‘IBM Volunteers’ program drives significant and measurable change by taking advantage of IBM’s technology and the vast skills of its employees and retirees in 170 countries, and by linking community service with the company’s Smarter Planet business strategy. It offers hands-on involvement to schools and not-for-profit organizations. 100 employees were engaged in the initiative called ‘Discovery E, Coders Camps and Car’ with the objective of skill building of rural students in emerging technology and STEM areas. With the NGO Aksharbharati to build libraries in rural areas, around 80 IBM employees worked on this project over the years resulting in setting up of 100 rural libraries supporting over 21000 students. 250 IBM employees volunteered to conduct workshops with Atal Tinkering Labs on STEM instructions & promote innovative ideas, creative thinking to enable young minds to accelerate their ideas to solve unique local problems. This had positive impact over 100 ATL teachers and 2500 ATL students. IBM also created an ATL Mentors platform which helps the ministry to source, train, deploy and manage mentors and technical resource persons as part of this. IBM’s culture of voluntarism and employee engagement is as old as the company itself.


Employee volunteering is an integral part of HSBC’s corporate sustainability strategy. Olive Ridley Turtle Volunteering Programme was initiated to protect the turtles, an endangered species, by protecting the eggs nested by the Olive Ridley Turtles and further releasing them back into the ocean. 519 Employees walked for 8 Km on the seashore six days a week from 4 am – 8 am for six months resulting in saving 5000 eggs. Similarly, in the year 2018, 1854 employees have volunteered to save 11,000 eggs. On the other hand, Sachetna Water Project assisted 600 families directly including 9 schools and also provided additional stream of income in these villages by way of labour participation in the project. HSBC leverages its presence and NGO network and develop its comprehensive volunteering engagement plan through a massive reach and long term sustainable impact. HSBC is present in 6 cities and has an employee workforce that engages in various volunteering programmes. Connecting our employees is a key element of HSBC’s philanthropy projects as well as other CS programmes.

Tata Technologies

The major focus of Tata Technologies’ CSR activities is educating young people with skills to become ‘industry-ready’. This project has been going sincethe year 2010 and has involved over 100 employees contributing up to 1,300 hours in the activity. This is not the only undertaking by Tata Technologies, they have also focused on Road Safety, STEM Projects, Education Enrichment, Community Support & Service, Civil Development of under-privileged villages as well as environmental awareness. An annual survey is also conducted every year to record the volunteering preference areas of employees. Apart from social involvement within the company, Tata Technologies encourage families of employees, business partners and NGO partners to contribute to similar causes.