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Why Waste

Why Waste is an organization whose mission is to change the mindsets of people towards water and to optimize its usage and prevent its wastage engaging every citizen. It wants to bring to the world the importance of every single person by various activities and programs, and volunteers are engaged, involved in the idea of having a more water positive mindset inculcating one themselves in the process. Its program ‘The GlassHalfFull Campaign’ is to promote the idea of filling the glass only half instead of full at restaurants. It also promotes the idea of How to save 100 liters of water everyday module/ apartment modules among citizens. Its other program is ‘The Sustainability Stories’ whose mission is to share with youth, students of grades 1-5 coming from underprivileged background stories of sustainability and creating a sustainable mindset in them. They've been able to make this movement a global phenomenon!

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Website: www.whywaste.io
Areas: Waste Awareness
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