We Can Make A Change

we can make a change

We Can Make A Change, a social initiative started by a group of friends expanded into an NGO, with a perspective to bring about significant change in the society. It aims to create a platform for people who wish to help make society a better place. They are currently working on various activities like pothole fixing, food bank drive, medical camps and waste management. They try to identify problems that occur around a particular place, which is often ignored, and try to come up with solutions by putting in their time and effort to mitigate the problems. WCMAC has been able to motivate people by demonstrating that it is possible to bring about change if a little effort is put in by each one of us. In just one year, their team grew from merely 4 people to 50 people. They have also undertaken many projects like Spotfix (beautification of public places), pothole filling, Anganwadi (renovating schools), and repainting public places with images and slogans promoting Swachh Bharat. WCMAC continue to inspire many people to volunteer and hope to bring about an impactful change in society.

Area of work – Clean up Drives & Volunteer Engagement

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Areas: Clean up Drives & Volunteer Engagement
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