volunteer for a cause

Volunteer For a Cause

Volunteer For A cause believes in spreading the spirit of volunteerism and wants to mobilize volunteer forces to bring about the required change and take the country from a developing nation to a developed nation. In their program “Hiriyara Jaatre (Elders Fest)”, they engaged volunteers to interact with the elderly gift them a fun-filled day with games and song and dance. The volunteers also organized the entire event.

They also headed another program called “CarniVol 2019 - A Special Day for the Specially Abled” which was another volunteer-led fun-filled day for the specially-abled children. Volunteers ensured that children are intellectually, physically and socially stimulated to improve their health and to avoid anxiety and loneliness.

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Website: https://www.vfcindia.in/
Areas: Disability, Elderly Care
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