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v care foundation

V Care Foundation is primarily a cancer aid-and assistance organization that is driven by volunteers and aims at providing free help, hope, awareness and education to cancer patients and their families. This is achieved through various outreach programs and services that improve the quality of their lives. Vandana Gupta, the founder, is a cancer survivor and wanted to constitute a body to display her support and engage other survivors do the same. The organization has 144 volunteers in total—as opposed to the 15 staff members on the team—who work for five days a week on various projects. They go through a three-month induction program after a preliminary interview that focuses on theory and practical experience. Thereafter, they are assigned specific initiatives, like fundraising for financial aid to patients, counseling, health and hygiene. Volunteer involvement is magnified through workshops, talks, social media, and word-of-mouth. V Care Foundation believes that the CAN DO attitude of the volunteers is what runs the organization.

VOLUNTEERING AREAS – Healthcare (Cancer)

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