ldquo ulhasnadi bhachav rdquo kruti samiti

“Ulhasnadi Bhachav” Kruti Samiti

Ulhasnadi bachav is a project started on May 1, 2019, to protect the Ulhas River. On special occasions, hundreds of hands worked towards the cleanliness of the river. During Ganeshotsav they managed to keep 50 trucks of Nirmalay. Thane was the first district to announce the formation of a governing committee to clean the Ulhas river. Their objective was to regenerate the Ulhas river from waterfowl problems, sewage, and water theft, raise awareness about sanitation and conservation and making it pollution free and drinkable. When the people realized the importance of the river they thought of it as their mother and came together for the betterment of the Ulhas river.

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Areas: Regenerating the Ulhas River
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