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Team Hasiru

Team Hasiru’s vision is a clean, green, eco-friendly and educationally pioneered India and aims to take all possible steps towards our common interest and the betterment of society. It helps an individual with their overall development and creating a positive livelihood space.

It heads a program called ‘Clean Shivagange’ in which it helps to develop efficient and permanent solutions for cleanliness at Shivagange hill near Bengaluru. Team Hasiru has cleaned the entire hill with its volunteer force and ensured effective awareness on waste management.

The other project is ‘Green Karnataka’ project which helps to create effective green cover and tackle the effects of deforestation and climate change. This is ensured by planting various species of trees and creating seed balls for positive forest regeneration and tree protection activities in cities. Continuous instructions for proper event conduction and safety of the volunteers are given throughout and volunteers are motivated by positive interaction.

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Areas: Cleanliness, Plantation of trees
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