swati khurana

Swati Khurana

Swati Khurana is a determined teacher volunteering towards rural childcare with an aim of eradicating issues such as child hunger and malnutrition . She volunteered as chairperson of four Anganwadis in Haiderpur village of Delhi. She trained the teachers and implemented 8+ lesson plans for the children, which included cultural festivals, plantation, health and hygiene and storytelling. Swati’s work impacted 200+ students and she made 50+ visits to monitor the
functioning of Anganwadis. All this helped in creating a stronger structure and support system for the Haiderpur community. She also interned with NEAID to explore the possibility of setting up a fellowship model aiming at excellent education.  Her biggest achievement is the proposal to set TFIx in Assam, which has been approved, and will be functional from the academic year of 2019. Swati worked on 30+ lesson plans for the primary grade to make the learning activity more vibrant and joyful.

Volunteering Areas: Education, Rural Development, Nutrition

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Areas: Education, Rural Development, Nutrition
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