Swapnil Tewari

swapnil tewari

Swapnil Tewari’s passion for volunteering rises from a social stigma of being different. He is dyslexic and synesthetic, disability that our society chooses to overlook. With this flawed sense of normalcy, he set out to working in fields which included rescuing of women from prostitution and child abuse. One of his missions was to help widows of the Kargil War martyrs. These women were ostracized and forced into social prostitution. Swapnil presented the innovative idea of repulsing the men by letting the women bathe in neem oil. This unique move reduced such instances drastically. Swapnil initiated ‘Save My Innocence’, another activity to educate children on internal and external safety, while ‘Beat the Blue Whale’ was a campaign undertaken by him against depression and sexual abuse. Swapnil is also the founder of ‘Livemad Foundation’, a movement that spreads hope in troubled communities through social inventions. Cited in the ‘1000 World Leaders for Hope’ list, ‘Forbes Magazine’s Changemakers’ list, Swapnil presently serves as the ‘UNESCO Ambassador for SDG Inclusive Learning 2017-18’, Swapnil wants to continue volunteering because he recognizes the broken nature of human beings and their broken dreams, and hence, strives to spread the advent of hope around him.

Volunteering Area – Sexual Abuse, Mental Health, Women & Child Welfare

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Areas: Women & Child Welfare
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