Suryakant Bhandepatil

suryakant bhandepatil

The poor investigation services in the country because of which Suryakant Bhandepatil faced lost his son, led him to volunteer with a way out to help others in such personal crisis. Hence, Suryakant began an initiative, quite similar to a detective agency, which specializes in solving kidnapping cases for free. He is now associated with the NGO ‘Spysanket Detective Agency’. In the past 18 years, Suryakant has investigated more than 100 cases and even helped to find the criminals in 40 cases out of those. His legitimacy and reputation in solving these cases gave him the boost to continue to spread the message that social work can help to minimize people’s suffering who have unfortunately parted from their loved ones. Suryakant continues to do this exceptional charitable deed because he will not lets others suffer the same pain that he had to go through.

Volunteer Area – Crime

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Areas: Crime
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