Srishti Vardhan

srishti vardhan

Srishti Vardhan has significantly volunteered for the development and welfare of children and adolescents belonging to the lower or underprivileged sections of the society.
She is currently working on the project ‘Sahas’ by Fly Higher India in Chandigarh wherein she had to start a branch of the main organization in another city and imbibe important values and promote life skills learning among underprivileged children. The volunteering assignment helped the children learn new skills through fun activities. They learnt important life aspects through activities involving dance, music, art & craft and games. Not only this, all the children gained an insight into the concept of money and banking. Srishti has also been a part of awareness programs inculcating basics of hygiene, menstruation and sex education.
Srishti volunteers because she wants to be the change that she wishes to see in the society.

VOLUNTEERING AREAS – Child Welfare & Development, Sex Education

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Areas: Child Welfare & Development
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