Shilpa Bhaskaran

shilpa bhaskaran

Shilpa Bhaskaran has been volunteering since early childhood. She was in Class III when she raised funds for an old age home. With a very strong likeness towards random acts of kindness, she decided to pursue volunteering further. Since then, she has volunteered for the elderly, the marginalized community, special children and adults, for women empowerment, as well as for the protection and education of street children. Shilpa has also volunteered towards the environment, community welfare and education sector. With ‘Be a Teacher’ project, she helped class VI students learn the basic skills. Associated with NSS, Shilpa has been part of the slum development camps and with her efforts, 40% of the slum kids improved with these life skills as well as hygiene. Shilpa volunteers because she likes to pay life with a smile, as one may never know how it will come back in unexpected ways.

VOLUNTEERING AREAS – Education, Social Welfare

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Areas: Education, Social Welfare
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