seva mandir

Seva Mandir

Seva Mandir’s mission is to create a society of citizens who are free, equal and are able to come together to solve the problems that affect them in their respective communities. Their programs like ‘Capacity building & Marketing Linkages’, ‘Strenghten Mature SHGs and ‘Feasibility Study for Water Augmentation’ cater to the needs of rural women and rural water management issue. Seva Mandir engages volunteers, primarily, from the working class. Their volunteer programs assist individuals and groups in gaining insight into the development sector whilst getting experience of working with rural communities. Seva Mandir seeks to institutionalize the idea that development and governance should not only be left to the state and its formal bodies, such as the legislature and the bureaucracy, but also citizens and associations must engage separately and jointly with the state.

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Areas: Public Service, Active Citizenship, Community Development
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