satish palani

Satish Palani

“I want to share my eye sight with visually impaired people”, is what Satish Palani aims to do through his volunteering efforts. He works with multiple NGOs dedicated for the visually impaired people in order to extend their friendship circle. Satish organized a three-day trip to Tirupati for 433 visually impaired people along with one ‘buddy’ i.e. one volunteer per person coming to a total of a whopping 866 people. His used this trip to gather scribes for them so that if they needed any help in the future, they could reach out to the volunteers for help. Satish also renovated an abandoned school within mere four days with just four volunteers.

Volunteering Areas: Visually Impaired, Disability, Citizen Welfare

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Areas: Visually Impaired, Disability, Citizen Welfare
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