Santhosh Mathevan

santhosh mathevan

Santhosh Mathevan has been volunteering since the year 2013 with the organization ‘Bhumi’. He believes in bringing a change in the education system of our country as it does not do justice to a child’s development. In his first year itself, he was appointed as a leader of a project that impacted the lives of 80 students. As a part of the project ‘Member of Enhanced Leadership Development Program’, Santhosh helped reach out to 500 children. With another initiative ‘Member of the National Support Team’, he helped in improving the methods of teaching Mathematics, as a result of which academic development of 1200 children was improved. Santhosh volunteers because he believes that it is his fundamental duty and it brings about a balance in the system along with a true sense of coexistence.

Volunteering Areas: Education

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Areas: Education
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