Sai Saran K P

sai saran k p

Sai Saran was drawn towards volunteering when Dr.Prahalathan KK (Co-Founder of Bhumi) addressed a TED-Talk in his college. He has introduced his passion of robotics to the underprivileged community of children. Sai Saran believes that robotics is the future and wants to inculcate this subject which is often ignored while educating the underprivileged. He started a project called ‘Yantra’ and managed the human resources required to run it. As robotics is a technical project, the earlier response was not as expected. However, Sai Saran continued his unceasing efforts, which have proven successful and now STEM teaching is being organized for the students. Sai Saran believes that true contentment lies in sharing knowledge and wisdom, a feeling which is hard to express.

Volunteering Areas: Education

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Areas: Education
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