Ritu Kaur

ritu kaur

‘Volunteering is not a passion but a responsibility towards the society as a human being’ is the belief that motivates Ritu Kaur to volunteer for charitable causes. Working with rag pickers and listening to their life challenges is what Ritu considers as one of her greatest experiences. She began volunteering at Howrah station for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and inspite of various challenges in her personal life, she has been self-motivated to volunteer. Ritu also worked on a project called ‘Tilala Shed’, which aimed at educating the rag picking children. She helped as an investigative volunteer by collecting information and passing it on to the NGO and hence, breaking the barrier between NGO and the rag picker community. Working for two years now, Ritu continues to volunteer because she loves bringing hope in people’s lives.

Volunteering Area – Education and Cleanliness

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Areas: Education, Cleanliness
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