PotHoleRaja, an NGO with a vision to make our roads safer and pothole free, while hoping to bring about a change in the mindset of the citizens about road safety and social responsibility.

Their primary aim right now is to fix at least 5000+ potholes and to enable 5000+ school children to understand and follow road safety. They engage volunteers from different facets such as corporates, schools and colleges, general public, ladies associations, Rotary and other clubs along with many industry bodies. The volunteers do not receive any stipend and all work together against the pothole menace that exists in our country. Training is provided to all the volunteers about how to fix potholes and other road safety requirements. PoteholeRaja monitor their volunteers’ progress through technology and pre-post pictures of all events to create a bigger impact as well as to help move towards their goal of road safety.

Additional Information

Website: http://www.potholeraja.com
Areas: Road Safety
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