PotHoleRaja engages citizens in their activities through pothole reporting being sent to them. Their volunteers then get in touch with these socially conscious citizens through their website, facebook and corporate CSR. Necessary tools and materials are provided to volunteers in order to fix potholes and these activities are thoroughly monitored. Personalized thank you notes are sent to volunteers for their well executed work. Under a CSR project with Qwickcilver, they undertook the task to make all roads around their office in Bangalore pothole free. They even organized a potluck and raised funds to fix potholes. Under the 93.5 RedFM pothole challenge, they encouraged and engaged RJs to volunteer to fix the potholes. Their vision is to enable volunteers to take up pothole fixing on their own rather than wait for someone else to do it.

Area of work – Public Welfare & Road Safety

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Areas: Public Welfare
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