narender ramavath

Narender Ramavath

Narender Ramavath, a doctor by profession started helping the tribals, mainly the people of the Guttikoya Tribe who originally belonged to Chattisgarh but have now migrated to other states like Telangana.The tribe is rather cut off and shy and does not usually interact with the outside world as by profession they are basically hunters. Narender Ramavath has helped them not only by setting up mobile clinics in the interiors of the forest but also by teaching children from three different schools in the same areas on how to stay healthy, the importance of nutrition and first
aid. He has been able to help with the overall conditions of the people living in these tribal communities in terms of health. His key achievements include starting three open schools with the help of the National Child Labour Project. Narender has also created further awareness on menstrual hygiene within the tribes. He believes it is his responsibility to reach the unreached through volunteering.

Volunteering Areas: Rural & Tribal Development

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Areas: Rural & Tribal Development
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