Afsal Mohammed B

afsal mohammed b

Afsal Mohammed B is an engineering student who experienced volunteering for the first time when he accompanied his friends to a Volunteering event under the National Service Scheme (NSS) in the year 2015. This event was a life changing experience for him and soon he became a part of the volunteering community. Since then, Afsal has been an active volunteer and successfully coordinated various District Level Programs and camps in south India. He joined the ‘United Nations Academic Impact’ focusing on the promotion and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Apart from this, he has also served as the Joint Public Relations Officer of the Kerala Forum on United Nations Academic Impact (KFUNAI).
Currently, Afsal works as the Executive Board Member of UYC, South India. He has also set up the ‘Gulmohar Foundation’, which focuses on Youth Empowerment and NGO Incubation; whereby he was successful in promoting volunteerism and provided a general awareness on the necessity to promote and achieve sustainable development goals. Afsal’s motto of life is to 'Conquer the World with a Smile'. His biggest learning in life is that “Empathy distinguishes social-beings from human-beings”.

VOLUNTEERING AREAS: Youth Development, Sustainable Development Goals, Volunteer

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Areas: Youth Development
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