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learning links foundation

Learning Links Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the aim to foster a bright future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired. LLF has been working since the year 2002 towards better education and girl empowerment. LLF partnered with Atal Tinkering Laboratories, a NITI Aayog initiative and organised programs to encourage creativity and imagination in young minds where the volunteers majorly being students and educators of IT and engineering played the role of student and teacher mentors. Through this learning innovation, 728 students were impacted. To help girl children get empowered and educated, LLF engaged volunteers to teach them about improving their health and hygiene, defending and protecting themselves and providing career guidance. With their efforts, 25 girls received scholarships from government schools. Along with Dell, the foundation organised ‘Daan Utsav’ in order to boost the power of giving back to the society. Volunteers were involved in various activities like the recycling E-waste and teaching the underprivileged kids. Books, stationary and other basic necessities were also donated through this program benefitting 1636 students across the nation. Volunteers are special for LLF as they demonstrate commitment to a cause helping to achieve a solution. They believe in their action through compassion and consider them as priceless resource.

Area of work – Education, Girl Empowerment

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Website: www.learninglinksindia.org
Areas: Education, Girl Empowerment
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