Jai Vakeel Foundation

jai vakeel foundation

Jai Vakeel Foundation recognizes the need to accommodate intellectually disabled children into the mainstream education system. The Foundation, since it is technically a school, cannot engage temporary volunteers for all roles. However, as they proudly claim, 33% of their leadership are volunteers too. There are two different kinds of volunteers at Jai Vakeel, those that do it with a stipend and those who do not get any monetary benefits. One of their programs was the initiative to increase learning outcomes and engage students. The volunteers had to prepare beforehand about the best techniques to communicate and teach autistic students. The volunteers had the liberty of method of engagement. Through the initiative ‘Digital Literacy Program’, the volunteers spent time with children diagnosed with autism, helping them develop their vocabulary and math concepts with the help of iPads. The organization believes in the volunteering as they help make a difference in the lives of the children.

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