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fly higher india

Fly Higher India is an organization with a simple underlying intent, to imbibe confidence and essential life skills into students. The organization has about 500 volunteers, where each and every one gets to undertake leadership responsibilities with changing job roles. Some volunteers engage in organizing the event while others help in interacting with the kids and guiding their thoughts. Along with routine initiative, FHI introduces innovative modules like yoga. One of the NGO’s programs, ‘Mela’, sought to provide a platform for 100 under-privileged girls to showcase their skills and talent. In another event, ‘Aasha’, the organization strived to change people’s perspectives about autistic children. FHI in essence tries to not just in its target group, but among its volunteers, a confidence to not just “live a life of mediocrity”.

Area of Work – Underprivileged kids

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Areas: Underprivileged kids
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