evidyaloka trust

eVidyaloka Trust

eVidyaloka Trust is working towards creating an educated and empowered rural India. They connect passionate volunteers with children in remote Indian villages to provide quality education.

They enable quality education for children across grade V to VIII of govt. schools through digital classrooms. They have over 1100 volunteers who come from all walks of life such as homemakers, working professionals, retired teachers, defense personnel and students. They have delivered 522,620 child learning hours in the year 2018. eVidyaloka is disrupting the traditional physical paid teacher model by leveraging technology to make a difference to the societies in which we live.

eVidyaloka’s operating strategy is to maximise contribution from the society/community at large and
their organisation structure, both people and system, is designed to enable the same.

Volunteer Areas: Education, Rural Development

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Website: https://www.evidyaloka.org/
Areas: Education, Rural Development
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