Asha Kunwar

asha kunwar

Asha Kunwar, hailing from a small village, was immensely motivated to be  a part of the Team Balika project because she was keen to contribute to the cause so that she could help many other edication-deprived girls of her village. Her experience with Educate Girls has helped her believe that her efforts have reached out to hundreds of families in her village in spreading awareness about the importance of girl education. Her work on enrollment of out of school girls is a long term impact as these girls now have a chance to access education and change their lives along with the lives of their families. Asha has also implemented the learning curriculum which has helped young children in grades III to V to build their basic concepts in Hindi, Mathematics and English. These subjects lay the foundation to their future education.

Asha volunteers because it gives her pleasure and a sense of purpose!

VOLUNTEERING AREAS – Female Education, Child rights

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Areas: Female Education, Child rights
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