Ansi Kumari

ansi kumari

Ansi Kumari has always resented the restrictions and discrimination that girls face. Inspite of this prevalent stigma in her village, she struggled to pursue her education. She wanted to study and do everything that boys were free to do. During her volunteering journey with Educate Girls, she gained confidence and learnt a lot through the trainings and participation in various social programs. Few of these activities involved going door-to-door to identify out-of-school girls, visiting parents at home and speaking to villagers to convince them to send their daughters to school. They also started using Educate Girls’ creative teaching kit (Gyan Ka Pitara) in the classrooms to help children across Grades III to V in Hindi, English and Mathematics. Since Ansi has become a part of Team Balika, she volunteers because she wants to ensure that every girl in her village is enrolled in school and that every child has access to quality education. She truly believes that education is for all and is the most basic way to develop communities and build a stronger nation.

Volunteer areas –  Female Education and Child Rights

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Areas: Female Education, Child Rights
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