andu maida

Andu Maida

Andu Maida is a powerful example of women empowerment. Hailing from a remote, orthodox village in Rajasthan, she couldn’t pursue her studies due to domestic reasons. As a volunteer of Team Balika; a non profitable NGO, Andu is firmly determined to provide education to the girls of her area. She has enrolled 45 girl students mainly in the age group of 6-14 years into government schools and under her initiative the schools now have a separate toilet for male and female students.

After Andu’s marriage, she gave birth to a girl child which was not accepted by her husband and after three days of her delivery, she moved back permanently to her parents house. Initially, being from a conservative family, her parents refused to send their daughters to school, but, by her continuous efforts and strong will power, Andu fulfilled her dream and proved to be a boon for the girls there.

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Areas: Girl Child Education
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