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Amuthasanthi A

Amuthasanthi A is a nurse from Tamil Nadu who currently works as the RTE (Right to Education) coordinator for the NGO Bhumi. She is very passionate about helping others and likes to channel her assistance through means of volunteering. Right from approaching the children to helping them with their entire admission process, her organization has helped in conducting field campaigns across 40 slums and for 300+ children in Tamil Nadu. They have even set up a helpline where parents can discuss their issues. So far, their helpline has managed over 2000 calls. Some major challenges faced by them were to make parents less ignorant towards the importance of education, few displayed caste discrimination and sometimes lack of help from the schools. Apart from this, Amuthasanthi A has also won the ‘Changemaker of the Year’ Award for the Catalyse program of Bhumi which accurately displays her passion towards the education of children.

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