September 6, 2017


VOICE 4 Girls has a mission to enable marginalized adolescent girls in India to take charge of their futures by imparting critical knowledge (about health, safety, rights, education and careers), spoken English, and life skills through activity based camps. The VOICE model engages volunteers – female college students – who are trained in content, teaching methodology and VOICE philosophy, and then placed at schools to teach 13-15-year-old girls.

Since 2011, VOICE 4 Girls has reached out to 42,000 adolescent girls through VOICE Camps. This number would have been impossible with just our staff of 10.

Her VOICE is VOICE 4 Girl’s flagship program. It consists of three camps (each 10 days long) that are conducted over a period of one year, for adolescent girls from disadvantaged communities. 2000 volunteers put in 100 hours each under the program teaching girls about their changing bodies, menstruation, mental and physical health, safety from violence, basic rights; and also life skills such as negotiation, self-advocacy, problem-solving, conflict resolving, decision making.

In the United VOICE program girls and boys learn about education, careers, future planning, financial planning, and leadership while also learning to respect and have healthy interactions with the opposite sex. In addition, campers also learn to question stereotypes and understand equality. 201 Volunteers were recruited to work as counsellors to teach the campers. Under Project Unite 50 girls from five colleges attended workshops to share experiences around gender-based violence and over a month used a smart phone application called Safetipin to map harassment and security in Hyderabad.

Volunteer Engagement Glimpses