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Award Categories

Go to Volunteer Hero

Volunteer Hero

Recognises individuals whose exemplary contribution of time and skills for community development inspires others to volunteer

Go to Youth Champion

Youth Champion

Awarded to individuals under 23 years of age for inspiring display of passion and committment to volunteering

Go to Leader In Volunteer Engagement

Leader In Volunteer Engagement

Recognises NGOs that best leverage the vast potential of volunteers to achieve their mission

Go to Leader In Employee Volunteering

Leader In Employee Volunteering

Awarded to the company with the finest practices that have encouraged and enabled employee volunteering

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iVolunteer Awards identify the champions leading the volunteering movement in India, the contribution of volunteers and organisations who promote their engagement and help create an environment that inspires more people to volunteer for India’s development. Held annually since 2012, iVolunteer Awards are, today, the premier national recognition for volunteering in India

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